Enhanced multi-nucLEar Generation, Acquisition, and Numerical Treatment of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer:

The ELEGANT NMR incorporate the following advantages:
  • several times component cost reduction due to a new processing method, which remains stable despite magnetic field fluctuations and resonator stability,

  • several times magnet size reduction (corresponding paper is submitted for publication),

  • detect all (or most) visible, chemical elements and their NMR spectra that are present in the investigated area due to advanced synchronization processing method,

  • perform an automatic procedure for well known multidimensional HSQC and NOESY methods to improve spectra quality and its matching over known spectra database,

  • perform non-uniform sampling (NUS) method (doi: 10.1038/nmeth900) to drastically accelerate spectra acquisition,

  • match spectra to a substance's name without deep understanding of NMR spectra (including taking care situation with different solvents) by an automatic procedure for spectra recognition over predetermined data base reference (for free for all ELEGANT NMR users) using well known least squares method,

  • use an advanced method to measure mixtures of chemical substances without a priori knowledge by an automatic procedure for spectra decomposition without predetermined references in case if concentration of changes during measurements using multilinear decomposition (doi: 10.1002/nla.297),

  • and many useful features, like solvent suppression, droplet size measurements, flow, temperature, pressure and density measurements, that help to save unnecessary additional instrument's count.

The above-mentioned technological components render to affordable, compact and portable in-situ NMR spectrometer that can be dipped in the fluid to be measured and are easily maintained without NMR experience.

  • Elegant NMR Stick can work at temperatures up to 460℉/240℃
  • include all electronics and software and provide the results over http (user friendly) or socket (industrial standard) based Ethernet connection,
  • is suitable for NS29 ground glass joint, or can be delivered with industrial fittings up to 2000 Psi upon request.

Now, easy-to-use NMR technology is available for:
  • universities and research institutions: for real-time monitoring of chemical synthesis,
  • chemical and oil/gas industries: for real-time, in situ monitoring of droplet size, chemical processes and quality control,
  • beer/wine/soft drinks and food industries: for real-time quality control,
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry: for real-time, in situ quality control.
  • industrial automation: for for real-time, in situ quality control.
Suitable for nearly all chemical reactions, the Elegant NMR Stick provides real-time, in situ monitoring of key information for an advanced understanding and control of reactions without the need for extractive sampling.


We are approaching to mass-production of our affordable ELEGANT NMR Stick with target price starting from $5K per device for bulk orders and believe that it will be helpful for everybody to improve quality of everyday food, to share chemical knowledge, perform quality control, useful for every chemical laboratory, every chemical plant and find many other applications.

Please, contact us for the order deal!

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